Especially in high rise building, noise and vibration are created from movement of the people, flowing wind and operating machine which may cause discomfort. But, streamlined car structure, sealed car enclosure, reinforced multiple connections and wrapped on moving parts prevents noise and vibration leading to peaceful environment.

Reference Projects

Precise and Optimal Control
The digital closed-loop variable frequency (VF) drive, with vector control, further increases efficiency and accuracy, and a digital speed encoder ensures correct car speed and positioning. Also, smoothed “Jerk-in and Jerk-out” velocity profiling enhances ride quality.  

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The polyurethane-coated flat steel belt is up to 40% lighter and lasts up to 3 times longer than conventional ropes. Its flexibility results in a much smaller bending radius.

Compact Gearless Machine
A compact sheave enables engineers to design a machine that is up to 70% smaller than conventional ones.

PULSE System
The PULSE electronic system continually monitors the status of the belts’ steel cords. In contrast to visual inspections of conventional steel ropes, the PULSE system auto- matically detects and informs technicians of the quality of the belt cord, thus eliminat- ing downtime and greatly enhancing the reliability of the inspection.


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Customers may benefit from the 46 percent space smaller size of the IRIS NV PM gearless machine. IRIS NV enables architects to design building structure flexibly and use building space more efficiently.

Energy Saving
By using permanent magnet (PM) synchronous motor, IRIS NV improves motor efficiency. The compact motor design of IRIS NV enables lower initial electricity load and power consumption. It also allows IRIS NV to reduce heat from the motor.

ride comfort
The absence of a gearbox allows the elimination of noise from gear friction. Its coaxial transmission also reduces vibration and noise efficiently. In addition, the VVVF (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency) controller enables even lower noise and smoother operation of the elevator.

smooth and fast door control
The PM synchronous motor, also used for the PM door system of IRIS NV, ensures a higher efficiency in the door operating system. It helps IRIS NV not only to save energy, but also to show better performance in response time, speed, position control, etc.

lubrication free
The gearless machine, IRIS NV, does not need any lubrication to maintain the machine. The gearless technology helps to save about 1,400 liters of oil through the life-time of the elevator.

The Brand

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Sigma has a history dating back to 1968, when the first elevator company in Korea was founded. More recently, in 1999 (following the acquisition by Otis), we started doing business under the “Sigma” trade name.

We take pride in meeting the needs and demands of our customers, and have a strong commitment to producing the world’s best elevators and escalators. Sigma has an unique heritage that leverages the strengths of the pioneering legacy of its founding company, as well as its current ownership.

Sigma has exported over 50,000 units to more than 70 countries worldwide. Today we have an unmatched distribution network in 46 countries all over the world. We have several new and unique products that have been developed by our experienced engineering team, including technology made available to us through our affiliated Centers of Excellence. We have also taken advantage of more than 40 years of industry experience to develop a portfolio of safe and reliable products.

Welcome to our Regional Group

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Regional Traders Ltd is one of the most renowned businesses conglomerates of Bangladesh, established in capital city Dhaka but have now extended operations throughout the Bangladesh.

Founded in 1998, through the establishment of one of the best engineering support to clients in elevator and generator sectors in Bangladesh, and over the last 15 years, through innovation, dynamism, untiring effort and dedication, the business in terms of assets and revenues have grown exponentially by sometimes over 100% a year. The fields of business have also extended from being just import of capital machineries to a whole array of other sectors like elevators escalators, generators etc. Today the total group can proudly declare over US$ 5 million of annual revenues in total with over 140 employees, staff and workers.