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Especially in high rise building, noise and vibration are created from movement of the people, flowing wind and operating machine which may cause discomfort. But, streamlined car structure, sealed car enclosure, reinforced multiple connections and wrapped on moving parts prevents noise and vibration leading to peaceful environment.

Reference Projects

Precise and Optimal Control
The digital closed-loop variable frequency (VF) drive, with vector control, further increases efficiency and accuracy, and a digital speed encoder ensures correct car speed and positioning. Also, smoothed “Jerk-in and Jerk-out” velocity profiling enhances ride quality.  

Robust Elevator System
SIGMA understands that only robust system design can guarantee customers’ requirements and keep their precious daily life style. The intelligent controller which realized our core value has safety chain following the international code requirements to avoid unexpected error. In addition, IRIS3 applies more than 10 kinds of safety devices.