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The polyurethane-coated flat steel belt is up to 40% lighter and lasts up to 3 times longer than conventional ropes. Its flexibility results in a much smaller bending radius.

Compact Gearless Machine
A compact sheave enables engineers to design a machine that is up to 70% smaller than conventional ones.

PULSE System
The PULSE electronic system continually monitors the status of the belts’ steel cords. In contrast to visual inspections of conventional steel ropes, the PULSE system auto- matically detects and informs technicians of the quality of the belt cord, thus eliminat- ing downtime and greatly enhancing the reliability of the inspection.

Reliable Controller
Designed for groups of up to four cars, the modular controller incorporates a new generation of printed circuits and software to provide optimal response time. The digital closed-loop variable frequency (VF) drive, with vector control technology, further increases efficiency and accuracy, and a digital speed encoder ensures correct car speed and posi- tioning. The result is a system of exceptional reliability.

Machine Roomless System
The compact MUSE NV gearless machine does not require a machine room and can be easily positioned on the guide rails. This means all bearing loads can be transferred to the pit, thus reducing structural building costs.